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Sichuan Huafeng Drilling&Engineering Co.,Ltd is founded in the year of 1998,and performs as a first-class drilling company in the range of providing drilling services for solid mineral exploration, manufacturing and repairing drilling equipments, saling drilling spare parts and drilling technology consultance. It has been granted the Class”A”certificate in drilling and license for oveseas drilling service. It’s also a standing member of China Mining Association and Geological Exploration.

  Huafeng Drilling possesses 36sets advanced all-hydraulic drill rigs which are imported from Canada, Australia and Sweden, Among them there are 5 sets that can drill over 2000m(LF230,CS3001,B-30HC8 ), and more than 23sets that can drill over 1000m. The net assets of drilling equipment is more than RMB 100million ,the annual drilling capacity has reached beyond 200,000meters.We can drill in various angles under different complex formation no matter of the underground tunnel or the ground, and the core recovery can reach more than 95%.

   After 16years accumulation of drilling experience and process, Huafeng Drilling has established a high-quality drilling crew who are well-trained and experienced. Among them there are over 10 senior technologists, over 50 intermediate technicians, and nearly 500 experienced on-site workers.

   Huafeng not only provide regularly-scheduled training course for the technicians on drilling technology application and mud system, but also invite technical experts from Australia and Canada to China for on-site guidance, some of the main technicians have received advanced training overseas.

   Since establishment, we have carried out a lot of drilling programs in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi, and Xizang by the request of 26 top mining companies such as BHP, WMC and Royal Dutch Shell as well as many domestic drilling companies, and received excellent reputation. Huafeng has rich experience in solving difficult complexities in the past drilling operation for land resource investigation and the efficient and high-quality performance won high praise among the industry.2

  During the past 15years, Huafeng has provided drilling services for over 150 projects and totally accomplished nearly 800,000 footage, accumulating many successful experiences of drilling in deep-hole, inclined hole and complex formation or any other extreme conditions such as snow area plateau and gobi desert, which has brought Huafeng the title of”diamond bit”

In the year of June,2012, our first overseas drilling project was started in Burma, which is a symbol of Huafeng’s initiatory success in overseas market exploration, and lay the foundation of foreign market exploration.

   Huafeng has established advanced enterprise technical standard which is in line with international standards. It has received the Certificate of Quality Management System(ISO9001:2000), Qccupation Health&Safety Management System(GB/T28001-2001) and Environmental Management System(ISO14001:2004) and always perform QHSE as the very basis of its value. Huafeng has received the record of zero seriously injury accident since founded. As a result, it has been awarded the Advanced Unit in Safety Production by Sichuan Administration of Work Safety for 3years in a row and also honored as “one of the most competitive drilling companies” at home and abroad.

   We will always unit and positively adjust business ideas and development strategy so as to enlarge our national and international market. Besides ground drill and tunnel drilling, directional and RC drilling will be our next target, so as to further consolidate our standing among industry and make greater contributions for geological prospecting and drilling industry development. 


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